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What is Phlebectomy?

Phlebectomy means to remove a vein. In this unique technique, we gently remove the bulging varicose veins using a special hook. These 2mm incisions require no stitches and when healed they leave no scarring or visible marks.

Removing these veins have several advantages over either leaving them or injecting them which include that the veins disappear and superior cosmetic results are obtained for each patient. The biggest benefit is the absence of pain and other symptoms that are a result of varicose veins.

Does it hurt to remove these veins?

The only thing you will feel are a few little pinches and some pressure during the numbing process. You will feel a pulling/tugging sensation but no pain during the procedure. Post operatively you may feel like a bruise but anything over the counter should take care of that should you need it.

Do I need these veins?

These veins are not doing or helping you in any way. Once removed the blood will be carried through the normal channels thus improving your circulation.

When can I resume normal activities?

We ask you to take it easy the day we do it and you can return to normal activities the next day. You will be wrapped over night and once you remove that wrap you will wear your hose for 1 week. You can return to exercise within the week depending on how your feel.

Does insurance pay for this procedure?

Most often the varicose veins are associated with saphenous insufficiency and we will do a pre-determination of benefits asking the insurance company if this is a covered procedure under your policy. Typically if it is accompanied by the RFA procedure insurance will consider it a coverable benefit. If an RFA procedure is not needed then it is possible that the insurance company will consider it cosmetic in nature.


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