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Venous Disease


What is Venous Disease?

Vein Disease, or venous insufficiency occurs when the veins in the body have difficulty transporting blood from the legs back to the heart. All veins have valves which is how blood gets back to the heart. Mainly due to genetics or certain lifestyles, the valves stop closing properly. While the majority of the blood continues to the heart, the blood passing the leaking valve in the superficial vein (the saphenous vein) falls back down the leg causing high pressures and often resulting in the dilated lumps and bumps we commonly call varicose veins.

Common causes of venous insufficiency include genetics, pregnancy, obesity and blood clots. Symptoms include pain which worsens with standing, swelling, tightness, itchiness, fatigue, skin color changes, restless leg syndrome and ulceration.


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